Is Your Business Ready For A Revolution?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Often businesses continue to use the same business practices they’ve always used because, well that’s the way things have always been done. That can be a very costly dead-end road.

But one Aussie franchise has reduced its costs by around 70% and increased its efficiency by some 80% by saying goodbye to some of its traditional practices. Maybe it’s time you had a revolution in your part of the business world too.

Vast Furniture and Homewares is part of an estimated $7 billion furniture industry in Australia that relies largely on imported stock from China. They decided there must be a better way than the traditional expensive warehouse storage, ordering and dispatch model that has been the norm for many years.

Using a cloud-based model of central warehousing and direct manufacturer to customer delivery the company has been able to reduce costs by 70% according to a report in the Business Review Australia. Also the removal of the inefficiency in the traditional model has also reduced their delivery times by 80%.

Is your business in the cloud or your head in the sand?

The business world everywhere is being turned on its head and the new industry keyword is disruption. If you as a small business owner are to thrive it may be time you had a revolution in your way of doing business too.

As Bob Dylan told us, ‘the times they are a changin’’ and it’s time to think outside the square. We have the expertise to help you get your business in the cloud while keeping your head (and feet) firmly on the ground.